Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Free Screening
I am:
April 13, 2019

53,000 Americans will develop oral, head, and neck cancer this year. Early detection can save lives.

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

Are you at Risk?
Risk Factors: smoking, chewing  tobacco, consuming alcohol, family history of head and neck cancer,  extensive sun exposure.

Signs & Symptoms: sore in mouth that doesn’t go away, sore throat or trouble swallowing, change in voice, growth or swelling in neck, non-healing sores or lesions on the skin.
Saturday, April 13
8 am-noon
ENT Department, East Campus Screenings will be provided by a Board Certified physician. 
Individuals MUST register for this event to participate.
CALL 563.584.3475 TO REGISTER