Quality Improvement Program Descriptions
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An active quality improvement program is a requirement of the many regulatory organizations that review Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans.

The purpose of a quality improvement program is to objectively and systematically monitor and evaluate the quality appropriateness of patient care and to pursue opportunities to improve care and resolve identified problems. The Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) is responsible for these activities and makes recommendations for resolution to the Board of Directors of Medical Associates Clinic, PC. The Board assumes ultimate responsibility for establishing, maintaining, and supporting the quality improvement program. QIC activity is also reported to the Board of Directors of the Medical Associates Health Plans (MAHP) on a quarterly basis.

The QIC, comprised of physicians, reviews the practices of their fellow physicians and all other health care practitioners. Active participation of Committee members is encouraged in an effort to provide maximum quality of patient care. Several subcommittees assist the QIC in their quality assurance responsibilities. Following is a list of committees that may provide support to your participation as a MAHP provider.

Credentialing Committee
Detailed description of the Credentialing Committee.
Utilization Management Program
Detailed description of the Utilization Management Program.
Quality Improvement Description
Detailed description of Quality Improvement.