Personal Wellness Profile
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Would you like to improve your health?

The first step to a healthier you is taking a health and lifestyle assessment. Your employer may offer the Personal Wellness Profile (PWP), a detailed health risk assessment, as part of your benefits package. The PWP is a confidential, comprehensive online tool that helps you identify your current health strengths and areas for improvement. It also assesses your risks and helps you set personal wellness goals to increase the years and quality of your life. Information that you provide will be kept confidential. Your results will be accessible only to yourself, the PWP nurse, and Wellsource, Inc. (software provider.) To assist your employer with evaluating the overall health status of those that work within the company, they will receive group reports (not individual results). This will help your employer determine educational health needs and promote wellness for the company.

If you have a PWP account set up through your employer, follow this link to complete the questionnaire.