Occupational Health Options
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Medical Associates & Tri State Occupational Health offer a wide array of solutions for your business

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On-Site Programs Available at your Worksite:
4E's of Healthy Living
This program will review four components of healthy living, including eating well, exercise, equipment, emotions and a bonus 5th...no evils.

This program will define terrorism, four types of bioterrorism, and its implications for each of us, both at work and at home.

Cardiac Risk Factors
Are you at risk for cardiac disease? This program will discuss risk factors for cardiac disease. A self-scoring Cardiac Risk Factor Assessment will be used by each participant with recommendations for making changes.

Time Management
This program will let the participant define common time barriers, learn tips for time management, and develop a balance between work, family, personal needs.

Stress Management
Stress and stress related issues have been shown to be the number one cause of physician visits and sick days off from work. Review the role of stress in our lives and positive versus negative stress. Stress strategies will be presented.

OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen
Basic blood borne pathogen instruction includes definition of pathogen, blood borne diseases, workplace transmission, exposure control plan, standard precautions, engineering controls, work practice controls, housekeeping issues, warning labels, and Hepatitis B vaccination. a review of proper hand washing and donning/removing glove barriers will be demonstrated. This program meets OSHA standards for blood borne pathogen training.

Hearing Conservation
Hearing conservation is important at work and at home. This program will review the importance of hearing conservation at work and at home. OSHA requirements pertaining to hearing conservation in the workplace will be reviewed. This program is individualized to the specific company and work conditions of the employee.

Supervisory Training Sessions
Available for DOT and non-DOT needs are available.

Lunch and Learn Sessions
Can be designed to meet your company's needs.

Ergonomic Education Sessions and/or Assessments

Wellness Fairs:
Cardiac Assessment including Blood Pressure Screening, Height, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
Individual 1:1 with RN. Informational handouts provided.

Body Composition Analysis
Analyzes body fat, lean body mass, estimates body water, and body mass.

Vision Screening/Eye Safety
Check vision, educate employee on protection and safety of eyes. Eyeglass cleaner provided.

Lipid Screening
Blood draw which determines cholesterol, good and bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This screening is a tool used for assessing risk factors for heart disease. Individual must fast 12 hours prior to blood test. Results mailed to employee within 2-7 days of draw, with interpretation of results per written documentation of results.

Diabetes/Blood Sugar Screening
Blood draw for diabetes- fasting recommended. Results provided within 2-7 days of draw, with interpretation of results per written documentation.

Lipid and Blood Sugar On-Site Screening
Fingerstick draw for lipid panel and blood sugar screening as stated above, with results to employees within 5-10 minutes of fingerstick. Results will be interpreted and reviewed with employee immediately, with education provided by Registered Nurse or Pharmacist on results of screening, healthy lifestyles and lifestyle changes as indicated. Fasting is required.

Hemoccult Testing
Education on early detection of colorectal cancer. Kits available to send home with individual.

Step Test
Three minute cardiovascular workout. Assessment of heart rate after workout with education provided.

Skin Cancer Screening
Educate individual on signs and symptoms for early detection of skin cancer.

Individual testing for flexibility. Education on stretching and ergonomic issues in the workplace.

Bone Density Testing
Individual testing to determine bone density, focusing on osteoporosis.

PSA Testing
Cancer screening for prostate cancer. Requires blood draw.

Travel Medicine
Vaccines required for protection in other countries.

For more information on these services, contact:
Tri-State Occupational Health