Physical and occupational therapy for hand disorders.

Hand Therapists are occupational or physical therapists who specialize in the evaluation and management of various hand disorders. Hand Therapists see patients for consultation upon referral from physicians.

Services provided may include:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Dynamic splinting
  • Static splinting
  • Edema control
  • Wound management
  • Education in joint protection, energy conservation, work simplification
  • Various modalities to enhance function

In addition, a wide variety of exercise protocols and home rehabilitation programs are designed for patients as needed. The hand therapist works in close proximity and in consultation with the hand surgeon and rheumatologist. 

Hand Therapy Providers:
Hand Therapy Manager:
Shawn Thiele, P.T., A.T.C.
West Campus
1500 Associates Drive
Dubuque, Iowa 52002