Audiology & Hearing Aids

Care for patients of all ages with hearing and balance concerns.

The Medical Associates Audiology Department provides comprehensive, professional care for individuals of all ages with hearing and balance concerns. Hearing loss can result from aging, exposure to loud noise, infections, head or ear trauma, hereditary factors, and other causes. We focus on your unique needs, ensuring improved quality of life through better hearing and balance.

A wide variety of hearing aid styles and sizes are available from various manufacturers, offering multiple options from which you may choose. Our goal is to determine your range of hearing and the levels and types of hearing loss.

Services available:

  • Hearing evaluations for adults and children
  • Hearing aid dispensing and follow up
  • Balance testing and treatment
  • Ototoxic hearing evaluations (for patients on medications that cause hearing loss)
  • Bone-anchored hearing aid evaluations and follow up
  • Customized swim plugs, iPod/mp3 player plugs, musician or hunting ear plugs
Audiology & Hearing Aids Providers :
Audiology & Hearing Aids Manager:
Kelly Dix, BSN
East Campus
Medical Associates Clinic
1000 Langworthy
Dubuque, IA 52001