Hiring Tips
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Want to Join the Medical Associates Team?

Here are Some Helpful Hiring Tips:

How often should I check the Careers Page for new opportunities?  
We post new positions frequently (often several times per week) so please check our careers page frequently to make sure you catch the latest opportunities.

Do you have any tips for submitting my resume and application?
Yes!  First, please make sure you review the qualifications for the role before you apply.  We are unable to consider applicants who do not possess the minimum skills and qualifications of a position.  You will save yourself time if you only apply for positions for which you are qualified.  Qualifications include such things as: minimum years of related work experience, educational requirements and licensure requirements.

I have a resume uploaded.  Why can’t I skip filling out the rest of the application?
We appreciate you providing your resume as it’s a nice resource for us to have, but it doesn’t contain all of the information we are looking for as part of the application process.  We encourage you to fill out the application in its entirety (please don’t list “See Resume” in all the sections) so we’re better able to determine if you’re one of the strongest candidates.

What will make my application stand out from others?
Submitting an accurate and complete application is essential.   Take the time to update your information for every position for which you apply.  Please proof-read your information to check for formatting, grammatical and spelling errors.  Errors can make it appear that you lack communication skills and/or attention to detail.

Please also consider including volunteer or community involvement work that you have participated in and/or any special skills that you possess that could set you apart for other applicants.

What questions should I ask myself before applying for a position with Medical Associates?

  • Have I read the job description and physical requirements to understand what the job entails?
  • Am I available for the hours and/or schedule listed in the job posting?
  • Have I met the minimum education requirements?
  • Do I have the licensure and/or certification required?
  • Do I have the prior work experience that is required?

If you cannot answer yes to all of the above questions, the position is likely not right for you.

If I answered ‘yes’ to all of the questions above and submit my application, what happens next?
If you meet the required qualifications listed for the position AND are one of the strongest applicants in terms of experience, skills, education, etc., we will contact you for an interview.  If you are not one of the strongest candidates, you’ll by notified by email when we fill the position.  We sometimes receive dozens of applications from candidates who meet all of the minimum qualifications.  When this happens the strongest candidates are given preference.

I have an interview!  What should I do to prepare?
Congratulations- you were one of the strongest candidates!  Being prepared is the first step toward having a successful interview.  Here are a few tips:

  • Prepare by participating in mock interviews when available (note: many colleges and Iowa Workforce Development  offer interview preparedness training).  Another option is to find a trusted friend or family member to help you get prepared. 
  • The majority of our interviews include questions that ask you to share specific examples from your past experience.  We suggest mentally reviewing your work history so that you are prepared to talk about your past achievements, teamwork skills, customer service experience, approach to difficult situations, etc. 
  • Act professionally.  Some people find that a Google search on interview etiquette yields helpful tips.
  • Know where you are going for the interview.  Medical Associates has multiple locations so double check your specifics.  Allow yourself a few extra minutes to get there so you are not running late.
  • Dress professionally:  We suggest “business appropriate” attire.  Jeans, shorts, flip flops and other casual clothing are perceived as unprofessional in an interview setting.

I’ve interviewed.  How long should I expect it to take for a decision to be made?
On average, it takes about two weeks for us to make a final decision once interviews begin.  Timing is affected by how many candidates are interviewed and how long it takes to get all the interviewees in for their interviews.  We will contact all interviewed candidates to let you know whether you are getting offered a position or not.